Creating New SKU Cross Reference Records

If a Cross Reference record has not yet been set up for the SKU conversion that you wish to process, you can create the necessary record as you process the transaction.

You may do this by pressing Insert in the SKU Conversion program.  When you press insert, the system automatically prompts you to select the top level or large “UOM item” that will be converted or reduced, and the lower level or smaller UOM item that will be increased by the transaction.  Once you have selected the appropriate items, the system displays a panel which shows the selected items and descriptions.  This panel, which is displaying the Cross Reference record that the program is creating, will display an S in the Type field and an A in the status field.  The Ratio field in the panel will be loaded with a 1.  At this point, you should enter the correct ratio for the selected items (i.e. 24 if you are converting a case to an each part) and then press the Save key to save the new record.  At this point, the new record is saved in the Cross Reference file and it will be available for transaction processing.

You can also add an optional comment for each SKU Conversion Cross Reference record (1 for each of the large unit of measure items).  This comment can be used to store specific information that applies when the large unit of measure item is used during SKU conversion processing.   The Comments are created and maintained in the SKU Conversion program using the Notes option that is available in the program.