SKU/UOM Conversion

The SKU/UOM Conversion program is used to convert between parts numbers for different units of measure for the same item.  For example: the SKU Conversion program allows you to convert a quantity of the item number for a case of a specific part to quantity of the item number for the each quantity of the same part.  This transaction would have the effect of removing 1 of the case parts from inventory and putting 24 of the each part into inventory. 

The SKU/UOM conversion program can be used to handle situations where you buy items in different units of measure than you use when selling the items and the program can also be used to restock small unit of measure item number from larger unit of measure item numbers for the same physical part.

The SKU Conversion/Unit of Measure Reduction program is used to define the relationships betwen inventory items that represent different units of measure for the same part, and it also used to process SKU conversion transactions.

When the SKU Conversion program is selected from the menu, the system activates the program and loads it with any SKU Conversion records that have been set up in the system.

SKU Conversion records are stored in the Cross Reference File.  Cross Reference records are used for various purposes in the system.  Cross Reference records can be set up in order to associate customer and vendor inventory item numbers with your internal item numbers.  This allows you to use to use the customer or vendor item number when placing orders for the vendor or customer.   Cross Reference records are also used to associate alternate item numbers in your system.  An alternate item number is an item that can be substituted for another item when the desired item is not available.  Cross Reference records are also used by the SKU conversion program.

The SKU Conversion program creates and uses type S (SKU conversion) Cross Reference records.  These records store the following information.

Item#:  The top level item that is being reduced or split into smaller units of measure.

Alt Item#:  The lower unit of measure item that is being increased by the transaction.

Type:  The Cross Reference record type.  Type S Cross Reference records are used for SKU Conversion transaction processing.

Status:  The Status of the Cross Reference record.  Status “A” or “active” cross reference records are created by the program.

Ratio:  The ratio of lower level items to the top level item.  For example:  If the top level item represents a case or 24 units of the lower level part (1 unit or each), the ratio field in the cross reference record should be set to 24.  This indicates that reducing the top level item by 1 should produce 24 of the lower level item.

The SKU Conversion program allows you to process transactions for existing SKU Conversion Cross Reference records and it also allows you to create new SKU Cross Reference records in the program.


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