Creating Vendor Payment Transactions

Vendor Payments are processed using the Accounts Payable System.  Vendor or Accounts Payable payment transactions are generated using one of the following two methods.

      The Create Checks or Wire Transfers program is used to pay a range of accounts payable invoices.  This process creates bank records (one for each payment being made) and it updates the accounts payable and general ledger systems for each of the payments being processed.  A separate Print Checks program is used to print the physical check copies on pre-printed check forms.

      The Pay Invoices option (accessed using the Vendor Invoice Lookup program), is used to select and pay one or more invoices for a single vendor.  This manual payment option is used for hand written or non-check (EFT or ACH) transactions.  This process creates a bank record and it updates  the accounts payable and general ledger systems for the payment being made.  Checks created using this option are flagged as printed and are not normally printed on check forms.

Accounts Payable Check Creation and printing is described in more detail in the help documentation for the Accounts Payable system.


Creating Customer Deposit Transactions