Bank Management Procedures

This section describes how to view and process bank transactions using the Bank Management System.  This section also describes the bank reconciliation procedure, and how to produce bank reports using the Bank Query and Bank Transactions Report programs. 

The information presented here identifies the programs to be used and the steps to be performed in order to complete each of the listed bank management tasks.  This section does not describe each of the programs in the Bank Management System in detail.  More information about each program can be obtained by accessing the program and using the Help Key (F1) to display the main help documentation for the program.     

The Bank Management system is used to track and reconcile activity that is created from multiple systems inside of StreamV.  Bank Transactions are generated from the following systems.

      Bank Management

      Accounts Payable

      Accounts Receivable

This document focuses on the bank procedures that are performed using the Bank Management programs.  This section also describes some tasks that are performed using other systems such as the accounts payable and accounts receivable systems.  Procedures that are specific to accounts receivable or accounts payable systems are described in the documentation for those systems.

Note: This document assumes that the Bank System has already been properly installed and configured as described in the Bank System Startup Guide.  No accounts receivable, accounts payable or bank processing should be performed until the user has completed the steps described in that document.  This document also assumes that the vendor records, payment terms, general ledger accounts, and other information used by the Bank System have been properly set up in the appropriate files.  It is strongly recommended that the operator read the Bank System Application Overview to gain a better understanding of how the Bank system works and how it integrates with the other modules in the system before beginning to process any of the listed transactions.


Finding a Bank record

Viewing a Bank record

View Journal Entry Activity for bank record

Creating Vendor Payment Transactions

Creating Customer Deposit Transactions

Clearing Local Currency Bank Transactions

Clearing Foreign Currency Bank Transactions

Voiding a Vendor Check, Wire Transfer or other payment

Voiding Customer Payments

Creating Miscellaneous Deposits

Creating Miscellaneous Charge Transactions