Credit Received

The RA Credit Received Options allow you to do perform the following operations with the selected RA.  The RA lines to be processed must be in house or “I” status (received). 

The options available in the Credit Received RA Items program are similar to the RA Disposition options discussed in a prior section, in that they result in a credit being issued to the customer and goods being returned to inventory, and these options also close out the ra lines being processed.  The Credit Received options provide support for additional processing for the returned items (repairs and returns to the vendor)  that are not available in the disposition program.

      Credit into Pending.  This option credits the customer for the returned items (like a normal RA disposition does) and it then moves the items returned by the customer into the Pending file.   The Ownership of the items is changed to the “House Company” defined in the system, and the goods are tracked in the Pending Management program (as Type P Pending records), until the goods are removed from the pending file. The RA lines and header are closed based on the items processed.  The goods in Pending can be removed or closed at a later time by returning them to inventory, by writing them off,  by invoicing them to a customer ,or by processing a return to the vendor for the items.  This option is used when you need to repair an item in house, or credit the customer for the item and then evaluate it before determining how to handle the item.  It provides a lot of flexibility.

      Credit & Create RTV Sales Order.  This option credits the customer for the returned items (putting the items back into inventory), and then creates an RTV (Return to Vendor) Sales Order to be used to ship the items back to the Vendor for repair or replacement. 

Both of these options are described in more detail in the following sections.


Credit Into Pending

Credit & Create RTV Sales Order