RA Overview

This section provides an overview of the StreamV Return Authorization or “RA” System.  The topics discussed in this section include.

•      RA System Overview: A basic description of the RA system.  This section includes basic RA processing and a section on the various methods other than the RA system, that can be used in StreamV to create credit memos and replacement sales orders for your customers. 

•      RA Processing Overview: This section provides a description of how a return authorization is created and processed in StreamV, and it describes the various steps or tasks that are performed during RA processing.

•      RA Pricing Logic: A description of the pricing logic used in the RA system.  This section explains how the default price and the commission cost are loaded into the returns that you create on the system and how that information is used during processing.

•      RA Statistical Information:  Describes the customer and other statistics that are updated during RA Processing.


RA System Overview

RA Processing Overview

RA Pricing Logic

RA Statistical Information