Credit Requests

Credit Request documents are used to record a customer credit memo request and to forward the request to the accounting department for review and approval.  Credit Requests are used along with the Return Authorization system to handle customer credit memo situations.

Credit Requests are typically used to handle customer credits that do not involve the return or merchandise.  Examples of situations where a credit request might be used are;

      Pricing Error.  The wrong price was charged for the item and you wish to issue a miscellaneous credit for the difference.

      Freight Adjustment.  The customer was charged freight incorrectly, or was charged the wrong freight amount.

      Meet Competition situations.  You need to issue a credit due to the fact the customer found a better price after the purchase.

Credit Request documents are internal documents that are typically created by sales, customer service or returns personnel.  Credit Request documents record the reason the customer is requesting credit and any items and quantities that are included in the request.

The Credit Request documents are reviewed by and are approved or rejected by the accounting department.  If a Credit Request is approved, the Credit Request document can be used to quickly create a Direct Invoice to credit the customer.  If the Credit Request is rejected, it can be deleted.

Open Credit Requests documents for all invoices or for a single invoice can be can be viewed by all operators.  This allows users to share information about pending customer credits and improves your customer service.

A Return Authorization is not required in order to process a Credit Request.  A Credit Request is generally suited to situations where product is not being returned, and an RA is generally suited to situations where a customer is returning product.


Credit Request Processing

Credit Requests - Data Organization and Storage