CRM System Startup Checklist

1.  Verify Table information is loaded.

2.  Set field labels

3.  Setup new record default information

4.  Setup Gencode Tables

5.  Import or create Customer records

6.  Import or create Contact records

7.  Import of create ShipTo records

8.  Validate and load data

9.  Set field security

10. Setup menu access

11. Setup menu, program and other object security

12. Set other system policies and parameters

13. Set user specific parameters and policies for printing, email, imaging, etc

14. Test editing existing customer, entering new customer, correct data, configuration issues as required.

15. Train users on CRM related tasks and converted data

16. Update converted data prior to go-live.  This step may not be required since amounts like open orders and receivables balances can be rebuilt from other converted data (orders, invoices).

17. Begin operations.


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