Ecommerce (EC)

StreamV Integrated eCommerce allows secure access to your accounting system via the Internet, using standard Browsers, to allow both customers and vendors to interact and perform ecommerce functions with the application. The Integrated eCommerce system uses the DataFlex Web Application Server (Webapp) to perform real-time communication to and from your Stream V Business Software system which resides securely inside your firewall.

Integrated eCommerce

Stream V Integrated eCommerce is not an add-on product, but a completely integrated part of the main software application. Your customers see all the same live data as your in-house staff is seeing (with limits of course, that you can setup in the eCommerce software management). Transactions performed by the customers/vendors are executed in real time and provide immediate feedback and appear in your live data. By providing your customers with real-time access, your non-sales calls will go down and sales will go up. A combination of multi-level security, on-line audits and automatic transaction holds allow you to configure the Integrated eCommerce system to provide the functionality your customers and vendors demand and the data security your company needs.

Stream V Integrated eCommerce Software can be implemented in a fraction of the time and cost of classical EDI solutions and allows anyone to trade with you fast and efficiently with no special setup at their end. Your customers can do business with you anywhere in the world! All they need is access to the World Wide Web.


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