Currency Rate Manager

The Currency Rate Manager is used to create and maintain the Currency rate records that are used by the system when processing transactions in both local and foreign currencies.

Currency Rate or Currency records are stored in the Currency file (File 28).  Currency records are used along with the records in the Currency Gencode Table to define the valid currencies that can be processed on the system and the exchange rates to be used for each currency.

Records are created in the Gencode Currency Table for the Currency codes (USD, GBP, etc) that you will be using during transaction processing, and these gencode records are used to define the default currency to be used for customers and vendors, and the currency to be used for specific documents such as sales or purchase orders, invoices, and other documents and transactions.

The records in the Currency File are used to store the exchange rate to be used for each currency during the dates that are specified in each record.  Each record in the Currency File should be pointed to a valid Currency Code that exists in the Gencode Currency table, and each of the Currency records should store the correct exchange rate for the


Transaction Code Manager