System Administration (SYS)

This document provides an Overview of the Tasks and Concepts that a System Administrator should be familiar with before performing installation, maintenance, or repair tasks in StreamV.

This section describes the System Administration Programs that are available in StreamV, and it provides a detailed descriptions of the more common System Administration Procedures.

This document also provides information about the StreamV Software Development, Testing, Release and Installation Cycle

Note:  The System Administration programs should be restricted and used only by qualified and properly trained personnel.  Many of the utility programs described in this document cause severe data damage or data loss if  they are used incorrectly.  None of the procedures listed in this document should be performed unless you are completely comfortable that you understand them and you are willing to take responsibility for any negative consequences.


System Administration Overview

System Administration Programs

SYS Param/Control File Maintenance Programs

SYS Table Files

SYS Lookup Programs

SYS Reconciliation/Utilities/Audit Programs

SYS Rpt/Templates Programs

SYS System Info Programs