Current System with Production and Archive Databases

With this option, you run on a production system containing information you need for normal operating and reporting purposes and also can access your archived data from the same application.  As the operator selects the application, they can be optionally prompted to select the production, or the archive database/workspace.  The Archive workspace is normally set read only

This approach can be used to provide you with a Rolling history accessible from current program

This approach makes sense if you are running StreamV on an ongoing basis, want easily accessible archive data, and want to keep the size of the data in your production system manageable for performance, storage, backup or other reasons

With this method, some of the data in the primary system is moved to an archive database or workspace on an ongoing basis as it reaches a certain age (i.e. 7 years)

Other types of data are copied completely to the new system or may not be copied to the Archive system at all (depending on the type of data).


Archive Data is readily available.

Operators are familiar with both systems since they use the same application to access it


Data in Archive System has to be kept current (may require restructure or adding index to old data).  System administrator may need full access to old data to allow making changes to it

Current Production System