Customer Manager

To view or edit the comments for a contact from the Customer Manager you should perform the following steps.

1.  Select the Customer Manager from the CRM Pull-down menu.

2.  Select the correct customer record as described in the “Viewing and Editing a Company record” procedure that is presented earlier in this document.

3.  Once the correct customer record is displayed in the Customer Manager, press the Contacts tab.  When the Contacts tab is pressed, the system will display a list of the existing contacts for the customer. 

4.  Select the correct contact record by double clicking the mouse or using the Zoom options (highlight the record and then press the ZOOM key or use the right mouse button option).  At this point, the Contact Detail panel is displayed and loaded with the information for the selected contact.

5.  Press the Comments tab in the Contact Detail panel to display a list of the comments entered for the contact.  The information shown in the comments tab normally includes the comment line number and the first portion or line of the text that was entered into the comment record. 

6.  Double click the mouse or use the Zoom options (highlight the record and then press the ZOOM key or use the right mouse button option), to select and display the comment.  At this point the Comment Detail is displayed and the detail is loaded with the text from the selected comment.  Note: Your ability to display and edit comments can be restricted based on system security options.  If you are unable to edit or view a comment and believe that you should be able to do so, you should contact your system administrator to verify that the comment security has been set up correctly.

7.  Once the comment detail is displayed, you may view or edit the displayed text.  If you have changed the information you can save the changes by pressing the SAVE key or the Save button.  You may also exit the detail without updating the record by pressing the ESCAPE key.