Customer Manager (CRM)

The Customer Manager is part of the Customer Resource Management System.  The Customer Manager program is used to create and maintain the customers in your system.  The Customer Manager can also be used to create or edit the shipto records for the customer.

In addition, the Sales Tab page in the Customer Manager allows you to perform the following tasks related to sales tax calculation and reporting.

      Assign or modify the Taxtype and Taxcode used for the customer BillTo Address.

      Display and edit the Taxtype for the BillTo Address for the customer.

      Display and edit the Taxcode for the BillTo Address for the customer

      Display the tax rate associated with the Taxcode assigned to the Billto address for the customer.

      Access the Sales Tax Certificate Lookup program which allows you to create or maintain the sales tax certificate records associated with the customer.  Note:  The certificate records for each customer can be used to assign a certificate number to the shipto records for the customer, and each certificate can be assigned to one or more than one of the shipto records for the customer.

The Customer Manager is completely described in the documentation for the CRM System.  You may obtain more information about the program by accessing it and using the Help key to display the primary help documentation for the program.


Shipto Address Detail Panel (CRM)