Sales Tax (STX)

The Sales Tax System is used to assign and record the tax information to be used for each Customer, Shipping Address, Sales Order, Invoice or Return being processed in StreamV. 

The Sales Tax System is used during Customer and Shipto Address creation, and it is also used by the Order Processing, Order Fulfillment, Point of Sale and Return Authorization Systems.  The Sales Tax System includes components that allow you to assign the correct Tax Type and Tax Code to each customer, shipping address, order and transaction, and it also includes components that can be used to maintain and update sales tax data, and report on and analyze sales tax activity.

The Sales Tax System is also referred to as the Tax Rate Determination System.  This  is due to the fact that the system can be used to process both Sales Taxes or VAT (Value Added Tax), and due to the fact that one of the primary purposes of the system is to determine the correct tax rate to be used for each transaction that is processed in the system.

The Primary Tasks which can be performed with the Sales Tax System include

Sales Tax Setup and Maintenance

Setting up and Maintaining the Taxtype, Taxcode, and Zip Code information that is used by the system when calculating and recording sale taxes or VAT.  Once you have determined the states in which your company has Nexus and have defined your tax collection and reporting requirements, you can set up the Taxtype, Taxcode and Zip Code records required for transaction processing.  StreamValso allows you to load third party zip code and taxcode information into the system.  Taxtypes, Taxcodes and the Zipcode file are all described in detail in the overview section of this document.

Assign Customer and Shipto Sales Tax Information

Assigning the correct TaxType and Taxcode to each Customer and Shipto Address created in the system.  The tax information in each customer or shipto record is critical as it is used by the system when determining how much tax is to be collected for each sales order or invoice line.  The system allows you to default a specific Taxtype into new customer records, and to change the Taxtype as required.  The system can also automatically assign the correct Taxcode (tax authority and rate) to each shipping address as it is created.  Utility programs allow you to load or update existing customer, shipto and sales order tax information as required. 

Resale Certificate Management

Recording the Resale Tax Certificate information (if any) that is associated with a given sales order.  Multiple sales tax or resale certificates can be created and maintained for each customer record.  Image and comment information can be associated with each certificate.  A specific certificate can be associated with each shipto record for the customer, and all certificates can be selected from during order entry, so that the correct tax number can be associated with each resale sales order that you process.

Placing Sales Tax Certificate Holds 

The system allows you to place a Nexus or N hold on any resale sales orders shipping to states in which you have “nexus” (a requirement to collect tax)  that do not have valid resale certificates associated with them.

This document also describes the Sales Tax Certificate or Nexus Hold Processing options  that are available in StreamV.  These options are used to place holds on Resale Sales Orders when the sales order is shipping to a state in which you have nexus, and you don’t have a valid resale certificate on file for the order.  Additional information about sales order hold processing can be found in the documentation for the Sales Order Holds System.

 Additional sections in this document describe daily and end of period procecures, and explain how the Sales Tax System should be set up or configured. 

Please Note: This document does not describe the options for Accounts Payable Tax Processing.  Information about Accounts Payable VAT and other tax processing options are presented in the documentation for the Accounts Payable System.


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