Dates Tab Page

The Dates Tab Page allows you to display and to change the date fields for the selected order line.  The Date fields which are displayed in the Dates Tab Page include the following.

Required:  The date that the goods are required by the customer.  This date defaults to the required date from the Order Header, but it can also be changed on each order line as required.

Cancel Date:  The date on which the order line should be cancelled if it has not yet been completed.  The Cancel Date for each line defaults based on the Cancel Date in the header of the order being processed, but it can also be specified in each order line.  The Cancel Date is used only for reporting on and identifying overdue orders and the system does not automatically cancel order lines that are past the cancel date.

SchDate: The Schedule Date for the order line or the date the line is scheduled to be shipped out of your facility.  The schedule date for each order line and the sales lead days for each item determine when the system will reserve and try to allocate inventory to the order line.  Please see the Order Processing documentation for more information about the schedule date and how it is used by the system.

Shipped:  The date on which the last shipment against the order line was processed.

EDA Date:  Earliest Date Acceptable.  The earliest date on which the customer will accept the product.  The EDA date defaults to the current date and can be changed as required on each order line.  The EDA date is used along with the schedule date to identify orders that may be shipped out early if the goods are available.


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