Defining the Safety Stock for an Item

Safety stock information can be created and maintained using the Safety Stock Lookup program.   The Safety Stock Lookup program can be used to display or modify the safety stock detail for a specific item, and it can be accessed from the Catalog Manager and from the Inventory Management programs.  Your ability to access or edit Safety Stock Information in the Lookup program can be restricted based on the panel security options available in the system.

Catalog Manager The Safety Stock Lookup program can be accessed from the More Menu in the Catalog Manager.  The Safety Stock Lookup program displays the safety stock detail that has been specified for the selected item in all of your warehouse locations, and it also allows you to create new safety stock records or to edit existing safety stock records.  Please see the Program Reference Section of this document for more information about creating and maintaining safety stock detail

Inventory Management The Safety Stock Lookup can also accessed using the Context or Right Mouse Menu in the Inventory Management program.


Safety Stock - Processing Overview