Order Processing Overview

This section presents an overview of the StreamV Order Processing System.  The Order Processing Overview section includes information about the following topics and business processes.

      Order Types:  StreamV allows you to process  Quotes, Sales, Service and Parts Orders, and Loaner documents.  The different document types and subtypes supported by the system are discussed in detail.

      Order Dates:  Describes the various date fields that are stored in each order and order line and how these fields are used by the order processing system.

      Sales Order Processing Overview Briefly describes the sales order processing cycle.  This section provides an overview of the order entry, order editing, order processing and order completion steps in StreamV.

      Loaner Processing Overview Describes how loaner orders (orders which are shipped out at no charge) are processed in the system. 

      Quote Processing Overview Describes how quotations (pro forma orders that do not actually reserve inventory) are created, and edited.  Also describes how quotations can be used to create sales orders.

      Stock and Nonstock Items:  The Order Processing System allows you to process items which have inventory quantities that are tracked by the system (stocking items) or to set up items that are not tracked by the system (nonstock items).   Stocking and Nonstock item processing options are described and compared

      Order Fulfillment Methods:  StreamV supports several options for fulfilling or completing each sales order line.  These Fulfillment methods include Warehouse Shipments, Vendor Shipments, and Special Order processing.  

      Other Order Processing Options StreamV supports processing of Broker Items, Sell With Items, Warranty and Kit items.  Each of these order processing options are described in detail.

      Backorder Processing:  Describes how the Backorder field in the Sales Order Header and Line items, and the Inventory Backorder flag are used during order processing.

      Partial Processing:  Describes how the Partial flag in the Sales Order Header and Line Items is used by the system. 

      Order Entry and Editing Overview: Describes the Basic process for entering a sales order, quote or loaner.

      Order Processing Overview:  Describes how orders are processed after order entry and prior to order completion.

      Inventory Reservation:  Describes how inventory is reserved by the system.

      Inventory Allocation:  Describes how inventory is allocated by the Order Processing System.  Automatic and Manual Inventory Allocation methods are discussed.


Order Types

Order Dates

Order Contact Information

Order Shipping Charges

Order Margin and Gross Profit Margin

Order Attributes

Sales Order Processing Overview

Service Order Processing Overview

Parts Order Processing Overview

Loaner Processing Overview

Quote Processing Overview

Stock and Nonstock Items

Order Entry Fulfillment Flags

Order Fulfillment Methods

Broker Item Processing

Kit Item Processing

Warranty Items

Sellwith Items / Related Items

Backorder Processing

Partial Processing

Importing Customer Sales Orders

Inventory Reservation and Allocation

Order Processing - Inventory Update Logic

Safety Stock Overview

Order Reporting