Direct Invoicing Processing Overview

The basic steps in the Direct Invoicing process are;

      Selecting the Customer to be processed.

      Selecting the Ship to Address to be used for the invoice.  A Will Call address can be selected, or a customer address can be used.  Existing customer ship to addresses can be edited and new addresses can be entered during processing.  The Ship to address should be selected before entering line items as you may not change it after lines have been created.

      Entering the Invoice Lines for the invoice.  As each invoice line is entered, the system automatically calculates a default price based on the customer and inventory pricing information set up for the customer item combination.  The price can also be edited.  As each line is saved, the system checks item availability and allocates the appropriate bin quantity to the invoice.  The system will not allow you to invoice a stocking item that is not available.

      Inputting Serialized Inventory information.  If serialized items are entered on the invoice, the operator is prompted to select from the in stock serial records for the item or enter the appropriate number of serial numbers (if the item is serialized only when sold).

      Entering an optional shipping amount.  You may enter shipping amounts, but the Direct Invoicing program does not interface with the Shipping systems like Order Invoicing does and it will not produce Manifest or Bill of Lading records.

      Entering any required comments for the order.  Invoice comments can be added to explain the reasons for any adjustment invoices.

      Optionally linking the invoice being created to another invoice in the system.  The Original Invoice field allows you to point a Direct Invoice to another related invoice.  This information allows the invoices to be viewed together in lookups.

      Saving the Invoice.  As the invoice is saved, the system checks the Print Invoice Checkbox.  If the Checkbox is selected, the invoice is printed automatically.

As the invoice is saved, the system also updates the customer open AR Balance and checks to see if invoices are posted online or in batch mode.   If the system is configured to post online, the invoice is processed by the Sales Posting routine, which will create a journal entry to post the invoice to the GL.  If the system is configured to post in Batch mode, the invoice is not posted as it will be processed with the other invoices for the same date.


Direct Invoicing - Technical Notes