Direct Invoicing - Program Restrictions

The Direct Invoicing program blocks you from processing some transaction types, generally due to the fact that another system is better suited to process the transactions.

      No negative quantities.  The Direct Invoicing program is not used to process customer merchandise returns or credit memos.  The Return Authorization and the Credit and Cancel options in the Accounts Receivable System are used to correctly process these transactions.  The dedicated programs or options contain code to automatically load information from the original invoice (customer po and other information such as pricing) into the credit invoice as well as handle the inbound shipment, and serialized inventory updates required for return, credit processing.  You can create negative invoices by using a negative price, but only positive quantities are supported.

      No Manifesting.  The Direct Invoicing program may not be used to manifest outbound shipments. (it is purposely not integrated with the shipping software used by the system during order completion).  This design allows you to enter invoices for shipping adjustments (the order completion program automatically applies shipping charges, plus customer specific box and handling charges during invoice creation), the direct invoicing program allows you to just specify a positive or negative shipping amount.

      No vendor shipment processing.  Vendor Shipments are processed using the Purchasing System. 

      No Specific Cost Method Items.  Items with specific costs (stocking items not using the average cost method) may not be processed.


Direct Invoicing - Processing Overview