Ecommerce Features

The features in the Ecommerce System include:

      Our Integrated Business Accounting Software eCommerce module offers your business Product Price and Availability Inquiry with public and customer specific pricing, including multi-location systems. Customers can search your product offerings by keyword, manufacturer, warehouses, product line, price and other product categories. The Integrated eCommerce search results can include product pricing, availability, lead times, pictures and graphics, extended text descriptions and links to additional information like manufacturer sites and additional Product information.

      Order & Account Status Inquiry in our Integrated Business accounting software eCommerce module - Account balance/Credit Availability, Order Status and History, Shipment Status (including tracking numbers), Invoice Status and History, Statements.

      eCommerce Order Entry - Both Shopping Cart and Order Form modes, support customer disconnect and continue. The Stream V Business Accounting Software, Integrated eCommerce Module works with a credit card processing module to allow you to accept credit cards on-line.

      RA (Return Authorizations) - Inquiry and Requests in the Integrated Stream V Business Accounting Software eCommerce Module.

      On Line Account Setup - Allows new customers to be setup on-line with pre-defined parameters, Integrated in the Customer Relationship Management, CRM module.

      PO and Shipment Date Confirmation

      Customer Specific Pricing eCommerce


Ecommerce System Overview