Header sales tax amount less than total of calculated line item sales tax total 

Usually the Header amount will be zero in this situation.  This error is caused by the operator zeroing out or editing the sales tax amount calculated by the invoicing program.  This can be done with the Invoicing program or with certain Editors.  To correct the error you must.

      Examine the invoice customer and ship to information (and possibly the customer master record and inventory record(s)) to determine what the correct Taxtype, Taxcode and taxable flags are for each line item. 

      Confirm that the correct information is present in each line item record.  If it is not, the missing information should be carefully entered using the Invoice Line Item Editor.  Note the information must exactly match the valid records set up in the Taxcode and Gencode tables.

      Add any missing information to the Customer and or Inventory records used on the invoice which generated the error so that the error does not reoccur on future invoices for the customer.

      Calculate the total of the line item sales tax amounts as follows.  If line item Taxtype is taxable Taxtype and inventory taxable flag = Y, then qty shipped * price = extended price,  extended price * rate (determined by Taxcode and stored in line item) = sales tax amount for the line.  This calculated amount should agree with line item sales tax total which is also stored in the line item file.  If the amounts do not agree it indicates that the record has been edited since its creation as this stored amount is the original sales tax amount for the line item as calculated by invoicing program.

      Check the line item sales tax total against the invoice header sales tax field and edit the field if necessary using the Editor for the Invoice Header file. Note: If you edit this amount you must also make sure that all other Header amounts (Charges, CBAL Amt, etc) are in balance.  If they are not you must edit them to the proper value.  Note also that all editing of invoice amounts should be done before sales are posted.  Editing invoice amounts after the invoice has been posted to the General Ledger can cause an out of balance condition between the AR sub ledger and General Ledger A/R control account and if this is done the original Sales Postings for the invoices edited should be reversed and the Sales should be re-posted (both in the proper accounting period).