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ID:  The Hold Operator for which holds should be displayed.  If the ID field is loaded with the initials for a hold operator, only holds assigned to the selected operator will be displayed in the program.  If the *** option is selected in the ID field, the Sales Order Hold Management program will display all Sales Order Hold records regardless of the assigned to information in the Hold record.

Filter:  If a valid hold code or hold codes are specified in the Filter window, the Sales Order Hold Management program will display only those holds with codes matching the codes specified.

Allocated Only:  If the Allocated Only check box is selected (contains a check mark), the Sales Order Hold Management Program will only display Sales Orders that have product allocated to them.

Display Deferred:  The Display Deferred Check Box determines if holds which have been deferred until a later date are displayed in the Hold Management Program.  It the check box is loaded, the program will display


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