Hold Processing – Hold Assignment

When the sales order is saved, the system processes each character in the hold_string as follows:

1. The system checks who the hold should be assigned to.  This is a three step process.

a. First the system parameter F248: SOHOLDAR is checked to see if the hold should be assigned to the operator in the AR_OP field of the customer master.

b. Second, the system parameter F248: SOHOLDDO is checked to see if the hold should be assigned to the operator in the DUN_OP field of the customer master.

c. If neither of the above specified which operator the hold should be assigned to the system checks the parameter F248: SOHOLD-x, where x is the hold code.  This parameter is then used to assign the hold.  If the hold has not been assigned at this point the hold is ignored, and cleared from the Sohead hold sting.

d. Substitution - The system also checks the DATA_1 field of the SOHOLD-x record (found in step c.).  If this field contains data the system converts the hold code to the code in this field.  This is done to allow the system to create a single hold record for multiple holds on an order.

Warning: incorrectly configuring the above substitution feature can cause orders to be difficult to clear or not to be put on hold properly.

2. Supervisor Holds - The F248: SOHOLD-x parameters can be configured to assign holds on orders above a certain value to a supervisor (or any other operator/queue).  This is configured using the DATA_N1 and DATA_2 fields in the control file record. 

When the hold is assigned the system compares the order value to the value in the DATA_N1 field and if the order is greater than this value the hold is assigned to the operator/queue set in the DATA_2 field.

3. The system then checks if there is an active (status = “O”) record in the sales order hold file (F63) for the specific hold just set.  If no hold record exists then one is created.  The hold is “assigned” to a specific operator based upon the system parameter for the specific hold code (F248: HOLDOP-?).

Other Hold Creation Points

During allocation and night time processing stages the system audits the sales orders for credit, special price record changes and schedule date tolerance.

If the hold is created by the system during one of these non-sales process’ (i.e. allocation, receiving or nightly processing) an action message is sent to the sales person responsible for the order (based on the order header REP).

The operator may select to process orders assigned to themselves or to process orders assigned to a different operator.  When processing orders assigned to a different operator the actual operators’ initials are recorded when holds are released.

To select which operator’s holds should be displayed the operator presses the USER key and enters the operators’ initials.  Or, the operator can enter *** (three asterix) to see all holds. 

Both the company/order#/hold sequence and the hold/company/order# sequence can be toggled between all holds and just the operators’ holds.  The Order# sequence displays all open holds for a specific order, regardless of who the hold is assigned to.


Hold Processing - Viewing Open Holds