Holds Information

The Holds Information section of the Order Review Panel contains two windows and a Prompt button that is labelled with an X.  The Holds Information section s used to view and edit the current hold information for the selected order.

Holds currently on the order: The Holds Currently on the order window displays the hold codes which are currently effective for the order.  This can be one or more codes.  Each of the codes shown the window should have an associated open hold record in the Hold Management program, and each code should also appear in the Hold String field of the selected order.

Holds to keep or place on the order: The Holds to keep or place on the order window allows you to specify the holds to be left on the order when press the Apply key and exit the panel .  The prompt button to the right of the window can be used to clear the window (this removes all of the holds code that you are allowed to manage or process from the order).  You may also add a hold code for any hold you are authorized to process to the order by entering the code in the Holds to keep window.

Delete Prompt Button:  If you press the prompt button located to the right of the Holds to keep or place on the order window, the system will remove any hold codes that are shown in the window.

Note:  Any changes that you make to the order hold information in the Order Review panel will  not be saved unless you press the Apply button to apply the changes.


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