Order Review Panel

The Order Review Panel allows you to review the sales order and customer information for each order that is on hold and release orders when the orders should be cleared for shipment. 

The Order Review Panel also allows you to perform some other specialized tasks such as changing customer payment terms and credit limits, updating or entering customer resale number or credit card information, and converting orders to quotes.  These options and the ability to edit the fields in the panel can be controlled using various system security options. 

The Order Release Panel displays comprehensive information about the sales order and the customer for the sales order that is being viewed.  This information includes.

      Sales Order Information.  The Customer, Shipto, Payment Terms, Tax number, are displayed along with the current holds for the selected order.  A release value is also calculated for the order based on the allocated quantities in the order and the amount that would be invoiced when the order is shipped.  Buttons in the panel allow you to quickly access additional information about the order including header information, line item details and text notes or comments.

      Customer Information.  The Customer Account, Name, Main Address information, credit limit, default payment terms, and available credit are displayed, along with a summary aging of the customers accounts receivable invoices.  The Invoices, Orders, and Quotes Buttons in the panel also allow to access open and closed Invoice, Order, and Quote History for the currently selected customer.

      Order  Payment and Authorization information.  The Credit Card Number, Expiration date and other credit card or authorization information (if applicable) for the order are displayed in the Order Review Panel.  This authorization information can  be manually and automatically updated using the panel where appropriate.

The Order Release Panel allows you to perform several different functions from within the panel.  These include.

      Reviewing Sales Order and Customer Information

      Releasing Orders On Hold.  One or more of the holds on the current order can be released using the Order Release Panel.

      Updating the Sales Tax Information for the current Order.  Resale certificate information for the customer can be input or selected during the order release process.

      Viewing or Editing the Credit and Other Order comments

      Viewing and Editing the Images or other documents associated with the sales order.

      Changing the customer terms or credit limit.

      Entering Credit Card and Authorization Information.  Customer credit card information can be entered or selected, and authorization information can be viewed and edited where appropriate.

      Converting the current order to a quote.  If the order on hold is not going to be released, you can optionally convert it to a quote so it does not have inventory quantities allocated to it.

The Order Review Panel can be activated from the Sales Order Hold Management program and  the Sales Order Release Management program by selecting the Order Review button in either program.  As the panel is activated, the system loads the information for the currently selected order, and the customer for the order. 

Security Issues

Once the Order Release panel is displayed, your may view and in some cases, edit the information that is shown in the panel.  Your ability to edit information depends on the field being displayed (some are read only).  Your access to each field or option in the panel can also be restricted using field based on panel based security

Your ability to release specific holds in the Order Review Panel is based on your order release priveleges (the codes you are allowed to process).  This system policy, maintained by your system adminstrator is used throughout the entire StreamV system.  If you are allowed to release a hold, you are also allowed to place or add the same hold.


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