IFT Installation and Configuration Procedures

This section lists the steps that should be performed in order to configure the Interfacility Transfer System, and prepare the system to process Inter Facility Transfers.  This section is broken into three parts.  The first section lists the IFT configuration information for current revisions of the software, the second section lists the configuration information for versions of the system prior to file revision 278C, and the final section provides some information about converting existing IFT records as you move from older to newer versions of the software.

The following sections describe the procedures to be followed in order to properly install and configure the Inter-Facility Transfer or "IFT" System.  These procedures should be completed before any IFT transactions are processed on the system.  The following information is applicable to the 278C database revision of StreamV and StreamII.  The information in this configuration guide is current as of the release date of this document which is printed on the lower left of each page.


Current Revisions of the StreamV and StreamII Applications

Detailed example