Purchasing (PO)

The StreamV Purchasing System automates your critical purchasing and inventory replenishment tasks.  The system handles warehouse replenishment, vendor shipment, and special order processing situations with a minimum amount of time and effort, and it provides you with the tools required to manage your inventory stock levels and accurately forecast demand.

The Purchasing System is completely integrated with the other StreamV Systems and it offers a host of features designed to maximize your productivity.  Some of the standard featrues that are built into the Purchasing system include.

      Integrated Email.  Purchase Orders can emailed directly to your vendors from the system.

      Integrated Imaging and Document Management.  Documents and Images can be attached to vendor and purchase order records and receiving transactions.

      Standard and Custom reporting options (SQL Based Queries)

      Automated export to XML, CSV or Excel files from Standard and Custom Reports

      Extensive Comment Support

      Robust Security for Comments, Images and Documents associated with vendor and purchase order detail

      Foreign Currency Support – Purchase Orders can be issued and processed using your house currency, or using foreign currencies.

      Foreign Language Support – The Text Language Conversion System allows you to display screen information using English or using another language that can be specified at the operator level.

Primary business processes that can be performed with the Stream V Purchasing System include the following tasks.  Each of these tasks are described in more detail in later sections of this document.

Replenishing Inventory Quantities

StreamV Purchasing is designed to automate the process of correctly and efficiently replenishing inventory quantities in your warehouse locations as orders are placed and inventory is shipped to meet customer demand.  PO Requisitions can be created automatically using the PO Recommendations report.  The PO Recommendations report uses the current inventory quantity and reorder information for each item to calculate a recommended order quantity for needed items.     The report also outputs the sales, usage and demand information maintained in the system for each item.  The PO Requisitions automatically created by the system can be modified as required and quickly converted into Purchase Orders to your vendors.

Processing Vendor Shipments

StreamV allows you to easily handle factory drop shipment situations.  The Vendor Shipment option is used when the items being sold will be shipped directly from the vendor to your customer.  As each Vendor Shipment sales order line is saved or modified, the system automatically creates or updates the PO Requisition(s) linked to the line.  Shipping address informatoin, customer purchase order information , text comments and other optional information (sales tax information) is automatically copied from the sales order to the PO Requisitions for the sales order.

Once any holds have been released from the sales order, the PO Requisitions for the order can be converted to purchase orders.  The Purchase Orders are used to invoice the customer and complete the transaction - after the vendor ships the items.

Processing Special Orders

The Special Order option is used to handle items that you do not wish to keep in stock and which are “special ordered” only when you receive a customer order for the item.  Special order items are received into a warehouse location before being shipped to the customer.

 Special Order Processing allows you to create one or more purchase order lines for each special order sales order line, and to link these purchase order lines to the sales order.  This is similar to using warehouse replenishment and setting the reorder point or minimum stocking quantity for the item to 0, but in this case, the system creates a po requisition for each order line automatically during sales order entry.  The Link between the sales order and purchase allows the system to block deletion of the sales order line for the item once a purchase order is placed for the item (the system requires the po to be cancelled before the sales order item can be cancelled).  When the special order PO line is received, the system will allocate the received inventory to the appropriate sales order line.  .

Processing Inter-Facilty Transfers

The Inter-Facility Transfer system allows you to handle transfers of inventory quantities between your warehouse facilties in an automated and efficient manner.  Internal Purchase Orders can be entered for the items that need to be moved from a location where there is a surplus quantities for the item.  As the IFT PO is saved, the system automatically creates a sales order – used to ship the goods from the source location.  As the sales order is completed in the source location, IFT Pending records are created to track the items while they are in transit.  When the items are received at the destination location, they can be received into inventory using the standard Inventory Receiving program.


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