Import Cleared Check File

The Import Cleared Check File option is available using the More Menu Button on the Standard Toolbar.  The Import Cleared Check file option allows you to use an XML import file to update the bank records that have been cleared by the bank.  The option allows you to select an Input file.  The system then tries to find the checks listed in the input file based on the division, account and reference or check number in the bank record.  If the bank record specified in the input file is found, and the amount matches, and the check has not been voided, or already cleared, the system will update the cleared date in the record with the cleared date from the input file.  If the bank record cannot be found, or has been voided or cleared, or the amount does not match, the system does not update the bank record.  A report is produced by this option which lists the number of checks that were cleared and the total amount of the cleared checks and the number of checks that could not be cleared.  The reason that specific checks were not cleared is also output on the report.


Bank Reconciliation