Importing Serial Numbers during Receiving

The Serial Number List  is used to enter the serial numbers for items being received into inventory.  The Serial List, allows you to import the serial numbers of the items being received into inventory from CSV files.   If you are processing a receipt for a serialized item that is serialized on receipt, the Import Batch option in the Serial List can be used to input the serial numbers for the item and quantity being received.  When the Import Batch Button is pressed, the system prompts you to select a file.  The file should be an ASCII file containing one serial number on each line (for the specific receipt line/ item being processed), with a carriage return at the end of each line.  Once a valid file is selected, the system loads the serial numbers from the file into the grid section of the Serial List.  As each serial number is imported into the program, the system validates the serial number.  If the receipt being processed is a normal purchase order receipt, the serial number should not exist in the system and a serial record is created as the receipt is saved.  If the receipt being processed is an Inter Facility Transfer, the serial record should already exist (in the location it is being transferred from), and the receiving process updates the location in the serial record).  A Serial History record is also created to record the transaction.