Insert Add Shop Order Line

The Insert Option in the Shop Order Lookup can be used to add a line item to the selected shop order (if the selected shop order is open).  When the Insert option is selected in the Shop Order Lines Lookup, the system activates the Catalog Lookup program.  The Catalog Lookup program is used to identify the item number being added to the shop order.  Once you have selected the appropriate item number in the Catalog Lookup program, the Shop Line Detail panel is activated and the panel is loaded with the information for the new item.  Once the Shop Order Line Detail panel is displayed, you may specify the quantity of the component required for each of the top level items in the shop order and save the new line using the Save button or the Save key.

Note: When the Insert option is used, the new shop order line item is included only on the shop order being processed.  The Bill of Materials that the shop order was created with is not updated.

When a new shop order line is entered using the Insert option, the system will add the line to the new shop order, it will try to allocate the item to the shop order, and it will recalculate the quantities in the shop order header based on the availability of the new item and the other items on the shop order.  The shop order line BOM Number and Revision number fields are not updated when a new line is added to the order using this method as the new item was not in the Bill of Material used for the order.


Zoom - Shop Order Line Detail Panel