Insert Serial Lookup Program

When the Insert option is selected in the RA Line Serial Number Lookup, the system activates the Serial Lookup program.  The Serial Lookup program displays the serialized inventory items in the system and it allows you to display and search for a specific serialized inventory item using any of the several different display and search sequences that are available in the program.

Once the Serial Lookup program is called from the RA Line Serial Number Lookup, you may use the program to find the appropriate serial record for the current RA line.  Once you have located the correct serial record, you may use the Select button to return the serial number to the RA Line Serial Number Lookup.

As you select each serial record in the Serial Lookup program, the system verifies that the serial record is for the same item specified in the RA line, and that the serial status is S (sold).  The system will display an error message and it will not allow you to select a serial record if the status is not S or if the serial record is for a different item than the item on the RA.  The system will also warn you (but allow you to continue) if you select a serialized item and the sold to company in the serial record does not match the company name in the RA being processed.


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