RA Operations Programs

The programs included in the Return Authorization system are used to perform the following actions.

•      Issue Return Authorizations.  The RA System is used to authorize customer returns of product when the return is permissible based on company policy.  A unique Return Authorization number is issued to the customer and a document is created in the system to record the items and quantities being sent back to you by the customer.  The unique RA number is used to identify the items being returned, and to indicate that the return has been approved by the returns department (so that it can be received by the warehouse).  When the RA System is being used, a valid RA numbers should be required for all customer returns.

•      Research customer purchasing history.  The RA system requires you to locate and select the items to be returned by the customer.  The items to be returned can be located based on the customer invoice number, the customer purchase order number, or based on other information from a specific customer invoice.  An RA can also be created without an invoice, to handle more unusual situations.

•      Create an RA for a specific invoice  Return Authorizations can be quickly created from the original invoice that was used for the sale.  The information from the invoice being processed is automatically copied into any return authorizations created for the invoice.

•      Manually create an RA In most cases, return authorizations are issued against a specific invoice.  The RA system also allows you to manually enter an RA for a specific customer and item combination when that is required.

•      View and Maintain Returns Comments Returns Information can be stored for each customer, manufacturer, vendor, product line, product group or item in the system.

•      Edit Return Authorizations  Existing Return Authorizations can be viewed, edited or deleted as required.

•      Receive product returned by your customers  Once the items being returned by the customer have been received at one of your locations, the RA Receiving process is used to identify the specific items and quantities that have been received. An RA Work Cell Table can also be used to identify or update the specific Work Cell to which each RA is assigned.

•      Send replacement items  The RA System allows you to quickly create a replacement sales order for the items on a specific RA, either prior to or after receiving the goods being returned by the customer.

•      Dispose of items returned by customers  The RA system allows you to “dispose of” or close out a customer return transaction by issuing a credit memo to the customer, or by issuing both a replacement sales order and a credit memo for the returned items.

•   Issue a credit to the customer for returned items  When you issue a credit to a customer, the RA system allows you to either dispose of an RA (close it out and credit the customer for the returned items), or credit the customer and move the items from the RA into the Pending file using the House customer or the Return to Vendor customer .  The House customer is typically used for repair situations and the RTV customer is used for situations where the items returned by the customer are being sent back to the vendor for credit or replacement, or repair.


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