Insert Voided Check Button

The Insert Voided Check Button is used to create a bank record for a check form that has been voided, but has not been processed using the accounts payable system.  The Insert Voided Check option is typically used when a check form has been damaged or physically voided and no record of the check exists.  For example.  If you accidently printed invalid information (such as report output or a letter) onto a check from, and you wanted to record the fact the check number will never be issued in the system, you could use the Insert Voided Check Button to create a bank record for the check.

Note:  The Insert Voided Check Button should not be used to void a check that already exists in the system.  Checks that have been created using the accounts payable system are voided or removed using the Void a Check and Remove a Check Buttons in the AP Check Lookup by Account program.

When the Insert Voided Check Button is selected, the system prompts you for the check number that should show as voided.  The system then creates a bank record for the check in the selected account.  The amounts in the check record are set to 0, the Company in the check record is set to Voided by Operator, and the post and cleared dates in the check are loaded with the current date.  The bank type is set to C, and the status in the record is set to V.  No Journal entry is made for the check. 


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