Invoice Formats

This section describes

An invoice consists of three sections.  The following describes the normal contents of each section, which can vary dramatically.

Header Section

Your company’s name and address, unless pre-printed on the form.

Your customers’ name, billing address and ship to address

Other pertinent information, including payment terms, shipping method, etc...

Body Section

One or more lines for each item on the invoice.  For each item the system is capable of printing the invoice detail for that line plus the following:

Serial Number, if relevant.

Sales Bill of Materials, if it has been set up and requested.

Invoice line comments, entered during order entry and/or invoicing.      

A customer/item specific comment if it exists.

Additional time comments if setup.

Footer Section

The invoice total, tax shipping and other charges.

The invoice header comment, if one was entered during order entry/invoicing.

A customer specific comment if setup.               

Back order information

Serial Number Detail

Customer Cross Reference Item Information


Printing Back Order Information