Invoice Forms or Invoice Document Types

Two different types of shipping documents are normally produced by the system.  These documents are described below.

      Packing List:  A packing list is an invoice copy that is generated by the warehouse as product is being shipped out.  The document normally prints as the invoice is generated and it is attached to the outgoing shipment so that the customer can use it to receive the items into their system.  Packing lists can suppress or print the prices of the items being shipped based on the payment terms for each shipment.  Prices are normally shown for a COD Shipment (so the customer knows how much to pay), and not shown on net shipments (so the customer cost for the items is not displayed to their warehouse personnel).    A Packing list is also produced when customers pick up product at your location (Will Call processing).

      Invoice:  An Invoice is the billing copy of the invoice document it is normally emailed or mailed out to the customer.  Invoices are normally printed or emailed based on the invoice date and they are normally produced the day after the shipments are processed.


Invoice Formats