Invoices Button

When a Vendor is selected in the Vendor Manager program and the Invoices Button is pressed,  the system activates the Vendor Invoice Lookup program.  The Vendor Invoice Lookup program displays all of the accounts payable invoices that have been created for the selected vendor, and it allows you to access detailed information for each of the invoices shown in the program.  This information includes invoice details, general ledger distribution information, inventory transactions that are associated with the invoice, and other related information.

The Vendor Invoice Lookup program also allows you to

      Apply a credit memo against the open active status invoices for the vendor. 

      Process a manual payment against one or more open active status invoices for the vendor.

      Assign an open active status invoice for the vendor to another vendor company for payment.

The Vendor Invoice Lookup program is part of the Accounts Payable System and it is completely described in the documentation for the AP System.  You may access more information about the Vendor Invoice Lookup program by selecting it and using the Help key to display the primary documentation for the program.


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