Invoice Vendor Button

Creates an accounts payable credit memo for the selected (tagged) items based on the To Clear Quantity and  the Value specified in the records.  The Value amount field should be loaded with the amount of the credit that you will receive from the vendor for each item.  This amount will default to the price entered on the original sales order by the operator and it can changed as required when selecting the records to be processed. 

Once you have modified and selected the records to be processed you can press the Invoice Vendor Button to create an accounts payable invoice.  At this point, the system calculates the total credit memo amount (based on the To Clear quantity and the Value fields in each record) and pauses to allow the operator to confirm or abort the process.  Once the operator confirms the amount of the credit memo and optionally enters the vendors invoice number and date, the system creates the A/P invoice record.  The accounts payable invoice is also posted to the general ledger.  The status of the selected Pending records is updated to show that they have been partially or fully closed.  Records are also written to the Inventory Activity file to record the movement of the items out of the Pending file.


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