Invoice Verification

This procedure is used to verify that the invoices which are to be entered into the system are valid and that they have not already been posted.  The AP Invoice Entry program will display a warning message (and prevent entry of the invoice) if a duplicate invoice number is entered for a particular vendor.  This verification procedure provides additional protection against duplicate invoice entry by ensuring that a duplicate invoice is not being entered with a different invoice number

      Attach any relevant backup documentation to each invoice as it is received.  Invoices for merchandise which was received into inventory for resale or which was vendor shipped directly to the customer should be matched with the appropriate receiving report(s) and purchase order(s).  Invoices for inventory receipts must be matched against individual inventory receiving transactions during invoice entry and the backup documentation can be helpful in identifying the transactions to be matched against each invoice.  Accounts payable invoices which are not related to inventory purchases may also be associated with a packing slip or other document and these documents provide backup for the amounts being posted.

      Choose the invoice to be verified. 

      Use the AP Vendor Lookup program (Character Mode) or AP Invoice Lookup by Vendor (VDF) program to display all invoices that have been entered into the system for the selected vendor.

      Compare the invoice number, purchase order number, and other information from the invoice being verified to the other invoices that have been entered for the same vendor.  If the invoice looks like it might be a duplicate, the Zoom and Expand options may be used in the AP Lookup programs to access detailed information about the invoices that are displayed on the screen.

      Once you have confirmed that the invoice is not already in the system, you may move on to the next invoice to be verified.

      If the invoice appears to be a duplicate, you should review the backup documentation for the invoices (purchase order, receiving report, and packing slip) and/or contact the vendor to determine whether or not the invoice should actually be entered into the system and paid.


Processing an AP Invoice