Processing an AP Invoice

This procedure is used to create an accounts payable invoice and to post it to the general ledger.  This procedure should not be performed unless the Daily Startup Procedure has been completed and the invoice has been verified as valid. 

      Select the Vendor Manager/AP Entry Program from the Menu.

      Locate and select (highlight) the appropriate vendor for the invoice being processed.

      Press the CTRL+R keys to activate the Accounts Payable Entry program.  As the program is activated, the system will prompt you with a list of the purchase orders for the vendor (in case you are processing an invoice for inventory you have received from the vendor).  If the invoice you are entering is for inventory received against one specific purchase order, you should select the purchase order and press ENTER to continue.   If the invoice you are entering is not for inventory or is for inventory received against multiple purchase orders (or an unknown PO), you should press the ESCAPE key to continue.


Handling Purchase Order Variances during AP Entry