Invoicing without a Pick Ticket

This flow is used for smaller operations without formal warehouse procedures and/or for invoicing service only orders that do not require the picking or shipment of goods.  This option can be disabled system wide to force the use of Pick Tickets for non-service goods.

1.  The operator either scans or enters the order number.  Prior to this the operator has selected which warehouse they will be processing orders for.

2.  The sales order lines are displayed on the screen[1] and the operator confirms the shipping method and quantities.  At this point the operator can add a shipping charge and the associated shipping cost (if not using an automated shipping module).

3.  The operator then completes the invoice by clicking on the Save button.

4.  If the system is configured with a shipping module for the shipping method being used the system will prompt for the appropriate information.

Both of the above process flows use the IRA business process to create the invoice, using the IRAMode: INVOICE.  See the IRA document for more information.