Order Fulfillment (OF)

The StreamV Order Fulfillment System is used to process and to complete customer orders from your warehouse facilities.  The Order Fulfillment programs are used to produce picklists for the items to be shipped out of your warehouse locations, to create invoice documents  for the shipments that are processed against each customer sales order or loaner, and to record the serialized inventory, shipping, and other information associated with each invoice.

The Order Fulfillment Programs allow you to accomplish the following critical business processes in an efficient and automated manner.

Producing Picklists

The Order Fulfillment System is used to generate picklist documents for the items to be shipped out of your warehouse locationsPicklists are used to physically pick the items to be shipped out against each open order.  Sales Orders that are not on hold or already printed, and that are available for shipment are automatically displayed by the system in the Picklist Management program. Options in the Picklist Management program allow the sales orders to be processed in batches, and for the operator to select sales orders based on a single shipping method, or based on a specific order number.  This allows you to prioritize picking based on the shipping method being used or to expedite a specific order. 

Order Verification 

An optional Order Verification program can be used to verify the items and quantities actually picked against the picklist being processed.  The verification process allows you to scan the picklist being processed and the items that have been pulled from inventory for the picklist.  The program then identifies any discrepancies between the order information and the items actually being processed.

Resetting Printed Picklists

The Reset Picklist program can be used to reset an open picklist for a sales order so the order can be modified or the system can allocate any additional needed inventory to the sales order prior to invoicing.

Completing Sales Orders and Loaner Orders

The Order Invoicing program allows you to complete or fill sales orders and loaner orders (loaner orders are used to send goods to customers for test or evaluation purposes without billing the customer for the goods).  The Order Invoicing program allows you to scan or manually input the Sales Order and Ticket number being processed, and it automatically pulls up the sales order lines to be invoiced based on the picklist.  The Order Invoicing allows you to modify (reduce) the quantity being shipped to handle situations where inventory stock levels are incorrect or goods are damaged.  The Order Completion program also allows you to add nonstock items to the invoice.  This option allows you to add additional freight, handling or other charges to the order on the fly during the invoicing process.

Processing Point of Sale Transactions

The Point of Sale program allows you to quickly process invoices for retail sales or for walk in customers.  The POS program includes a Touch Screen Interface which allows you to find or scan the items being purchased, and ring up sales for existing or new customers.  The Point of Sale program is completely integrated with the rest of the StreamV system, and it supports serialized inventory, kitting and  special pricing.

Recording Serialized Inventory Information

As each order is being processed in the Order Invoicing program, the system checks to see if any of the items being shipped are serialized.  If so, the system requires the operator to enter the appropriate number of valid serial numbers for each item (the system will also display the valid serial numbers that can be selected from based on the item and type of invoice being processed).  As the serial numbers are specified, the system verifies that the records are valid (that they have the correct status based on the transaction being processed) and it will not allow the invoice to be saved until the appropriate information is input.

Recording Shipping or Manifest Information

 The Order Fulfillment System is fully integrated with the automated manifesting systems supported by StreamV.  UPS, FEDEX, and Airborne shipments are manifested during the invoicing process, and the appropriate labels are produced by the system for each shipment.  Shipping information or generic manifest information can also be recorded manually for each invoice.  One or more box or manifest records can be associated with each invoice and these manifest records can be created for automated and non-automated carriers or services.


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