Item Shop Order Lookup

The Item Shop Order Lookup program displays the open status shop orders for the selected Catalog or Inventory Item.  When a valid Inventory Item is selected in the Inventory Management program and the View Open Shop Orders option is selected, the system activates the Item Shop Order Lookup program and it loads the program with the open status production shop orders that are being used to build the selected top level part.

Shop Orders are used to build or assemble the items that you produce in-house.  Each Shop Order consists of a header record, which stores the item number and quantity to be built, and one or more shop order line items which list the components and component quantities that are required to build the item and quantity specified in the shop order header.  The total of all open shop orders and open purchase order lines for an item are stored in the On Order quantity of each Inventory record.

The Item Shop Order Lookup can be used to

      View the shop orders that are included in the On Order Quantity for the selected item.

      View and or edit the Inventory Shop Order and the Bill of Materials Comments for the Inventory Item or Bill of Material associated with the shop order.

      Create or modify the Shop Order Comment that is associated with the selected shop order header.

      Access the Shop Order Header Detail panel.  The Shop Order Detail panel allows you to view and edit the shop order header for any of the open shop orders displayed by Item Shop Order Lookup program.  The Shop Order Header Detail panel allows you to access the and edit the Shop Order, Inventory and Bill of Materials comments that are associated with the selected shop order, to edit the information that is maintained in the shop order (such as the quantity to be built, the job status, work center and date fields in the records), and to access other records which are associated with the shop order, such as the Catalog record for the Item, the Bill of Materials used for the Shop Order, and the sales or shop order (if any) that the shop order has been associated with.


Zoom - Shop Order Header Detail Panel

Comment Button - Shop Order Comment