Kit Bill of Materials Setup

Once you have verified that the top level (kit) and the component items in the kit are present in the Catalog and Inventory files, a Bill of Materials is created for the kit item in the Bill of Materials Management program.

The following guidelines should be used when creating a Kit Bill of Materials or BOM for the kit item. 

      The BOM for a kit item should be one level (ie no kits within kits).

      The Kit BOM field in the BOMHEAD record for the bill of materials should be set to Y to indicate that the BOM is the active BOM that is used by the kitting programs.  Note:  Only one Bill of Material should be identified as the active kit BOM for the item.  If there are multiple bills of material for a kit, only one of the BOMs should be flagged as the Kit BOM, so the system knows which BOM should be used during order entry and invoicing.

      Verify the system has been configured for online kitting and begin processing.  There are some system parameters that are used to enable or disable the kitting feature and these parameters should be properly set up by Cove Systems or by your system administrator before you process any kit transactions.  These system parameters are described in the reference section of this document.


Kit - Processing Overview