Kit Component Item Setup

      Assembly Code: The Assembly Code field in the component items should be set to F (for finished goods) in the Product Catalog and Inventory records for the items.

      Serial Flag:  The component items in the Kit BOM may be serialized either on Receipt (serial flag set to Y), or on  Sale (serial flag set to S).  If a serialized component is included in a kit, the serial number or numbers for the component must be recorded during the invoicing/order completion process.  If the item is serial R, the system will verify the serial number is in stock, if the serial flag for the item is set to S, the serial record for the component is created during the invoicing process (if a serial S item is sold and returned, it may be in stock and it will be updated by the invoicing program if sold again).

      Costs: The correct costs should be entered for each of the component items.  The average cost and commission cost fields in the components items are used by the system to update the cost  fields in the top level item being build.