Kit Item Processing

A Kit item is an item that is actually composed of multiple component parts.  The kit item does not actually exist as an individual item, it is used to allow the operator to enter one item number (one sales order line) for a group of parts that would normally be ordered as multiple sales order lines. 

Kit or kitted items are also sometime referred to as “bundles” or bundled items

Examples of kit items might include a computer/monitor/keyboard combination, or a tv mount with cables, and installation supplies, or an upholstery kit for an automobile (seat covers, carpet, door panels).

The top level kit parts and components for a kit are all entered as Catalog and Inventory records.  The Kit relationship is then defined in a Bill of Materials record.  This bill of materials record contains the component items and quantities that are shipped to the customer when the top level kit part number is ordered.

Kit items do not require actual assembly in the Shop Floor System but are “kitted” or built “on the fly” during the picking and invoicing process.  The top level item for a kit does not actually exist and the kit item is used mainly to speed up data entry and to describe the actual components that are represented by the kit.  Kit items should have an on hand quantity of zero since they are built on the fly and then immediately deducted from stock by the Invoicing/Order Completion process.

Since the kit item does not actually exist, and since it is defined by information that is only in your system, a kit item cannot be flagged as serialized during setup. 

Kit components can be serialized, and if serialized component items are included in a kit, the system updates (or creates)  the serial records for the component items during the invoicing /order fulfillment process.  The system also allows you to view the serial detail for the component lines from the kit invoice line for the shipment.

A kit item must be set up as a tracking item, and a kit item may not be processed as a  Special Order or Vendor Shipment.  Kit order lines must be processed as Warehouse shipments


Kit Items - Sales Order Entry