Kit Top Level and Component Item Setup

Kits consist of a top level or “kit” item and component items.  This section describes how kit items and component items should be set up in the Product Catalog and Inventory files.

 For more information about setting up Product Catalog and Inventory records, please see the documentation for the Product and Warehouse Management systems.

Kits are setup using the following process.

•      Create the top level kit item in the Product Catalog and Inventory files.  Top level kit items are set up differently in the Inventory file in sales and returns processing locations (warehouses).

•      Create the component items for the kit in the Product Catalog and Inventory files.  The kit and the kit component items must exist in each of the inventory locations or warehouses where you wish to process or sell kits. 

•      Create a Kit Bill of Materials for the Kit.  This defines the items and quantities that are required to build one of the top level kit items.


Kit Top Level Item Setup

Kit Component Item Setup