List and Label AP CheckTemplate

The List and Label AP Check template is special form that is called once for each vendor payment that is being printed. 

The AP check form prints a one or a multiple page document, based on number of the vendor invoices that are being paid with the check.  The first page of each accounts payable check includes the check document itself and as much invoice detail as will fit on the remainder of the check form.  Any additional invoice detail for the check is output to a separate piece of plain paper using a different paper source on the same printer (this is normally only required when a check paying a large number of invoices (over 30) is being printed. 

The standard accounts payable check form outputs only to a printer due to the fact that the check printing process updates the printed flag in the payments that are being output, and due to the fact that it does not make sense to display or email a check document (there are ways to display or print vendor remittance information, but they are not covered in this section).

The List and Label Template used by your system is defined in the system parameter F248: LLAPCHCK.  This parameter is normally set to AP_Check.lst which is the default check template that is provided by Cove Systems.  If your company is using a custom check format, this parameter should be loaded with the name of the list and label form that you will be using (and this list and label template or form should be present in your list and label templates directory.

If a custom ap check form is being used at your site, you should also make sure that any custom form is not named with the above convention as the standard list and lable templates can be overridden during system updates.

The AP Check Template is unique for the following reasons.

      The printer routing to be used for the ap checks must be specified in the list and label template itself.  This differs from other forms in StreamV which use system parameters to determine printer routing.

      The list and label template should be set to go direct to the appropriate printer (the display option is not valid for an ap check as the printing process updates the printed flag in each check record, and preview mode is not desired when you are printing a large number of payments).

      The template uses two different paper sources, one source for the check document and associated invoice detail, and a separate paper source for any required additional invoice detail that needs to be printed for the payment.


Configuring the LL AP Check Template