Loaner Detail Panel

The Loaner Detail Panel displays comprehensive information for the selected Loaner or Pending record.  Loaners or Type L Sales Orders are used to ship items to customers and other entities (such as sales reps) at no charge.  When a loaner order is completed, the system creates an invoice record to track the shipment of the goods to the customer, but this “shipper” invoice record is automatically closed by the system as it is created and the customer is not billed for the goods at the time of shipment. 

The System also creates records in the Pending File for the items and quantities that are shipped out to the customer and these Pending records are used to value the inventory items that are owned by your company, but that are not present in any of your inventory locations until the Pending items are billed to the customer, returned to inventory, or written off.  When a Loaner order is completed, the items are not actually billed to the customer and the items are still owned by your company.   

The information displayed for each Pending record or Loaner in the Loaner Detail panel includes the following.

•      Invoice or shipment information – The invoice number, invoice date, invoice subtype and invoice source associated with the shipment, and the price used for the invoice line.  The Price stored in the Loaner or Pending record is not charged to the customer when the Loaner order is shipped, but it is saved to the Pending record so that it can be used later – when invoicing the customer for the Pending items (if applicable).    The Loaner Detail Panel also displays the Ship Company or Shipto Company associated with the Pending record.

•      Item Information – The Item Number, and description of the item shipped to the customer and the average weighted cost, and the commission cost of the item at the time the shipment was processed.

•      Status Information – The Status of the Pending record or Loaner (O)pen or (C)losed, the quantity of the item originally shipped to the customer, and the quantity that has been cleared or closed.

•      Other Information – Other information displayed in the Loaner Detail panel includes the inventory transaction number or Tran No used for the shipment, and the accounts payable Register Number associated with the record (this field is only used when a Return to Vendor transaction is processed).

You may access additional information about each of the fields displayed in the Loaner Detail Panel by selecting the Data Dictionary Field Help option that is available on the Cove Standard Toolbar.


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