Logistics Tab Page

The Logistics Tab Page contains some critical information about the Catalog record that is used during transaction processing. 

This information includes the serialized inventory flag for the item, the barcode item number for the item, the bill of material revision that is used for printing bill of materials information for the item on customer documents, and some information that is used by the system when it is allocating any available quantities for the item.

Your ability to access each field displayed in the Logistics panel is based on your security settings and on the field you are trying to access (for example, the serial flag for an item is blocked once the item has been saved the first time as it controls how the item is handled by various programs in the system during transaction processing).

The fields that are displayed in the Logistics tab page are briefly described below.  Please note that the field help option can be used to display additional information about each of the fields that are displayed in the panel.  The field help option can be accessed using the right mouse menu option if you have access to the field, or by using the Help Button that is located on the Cove Standard Toolbar if you are unable to access the field (the Toolbar option will display the help information for the Catalog file and you can display the help for each field using the field list option). 

Serialized Item:  The serial flag is used to indicate if the item is serialized.  The serial flag for each Catalog record  must be set correctly before the item is saved for the first time and it may not be changed after Catalog creation.  Valid entries for the serialized field include Y (the item is serialized at receipt and during other transaction processing), N (the item is not serialized at all), and S (Sales Track Only this is an advanced option.  The item is not serialized at receipt but is serialized when sold or when returned by the customer).  Serialized inventory processing is described in more detail in the documentation for the Serialized Inventory System (SI).

Manu Code:  The Manu code can be used to classify the Catalog item.  The field is optional.

SBOM Revision:  Stores the Bill of Materials Revision Number (which is normally set to 1) that is used to print the bill of materials for the item (if applicable) on sales documents that print bill of materials information.

AutoAllocate:  Indicates if the system tries to automatically allocate the item when it is received into inventory, built, or adjusted into stock.  If the auto allocate flag for the item is set to Y (checked) - which is the normal situation), the system tries to allocate the item to orders that are in the current scheduling window.  If the auto allocate flag is set to N (not checked) , the system does not automatically allocate the item and it must be manually allocated to any orders that are entered for the item.

Max Auto Allocate:  If a quantity is entered in this field, the system will not automatically allocate more than the specified quantity automatically.

Barcode Item Number:  The item number that is printed on the barcodes for the product by the manufacturer of the item.  This information can be manually input or it can be prompted for automatically (when it is not already loaded) when the item is received in the warehouse.


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